20 May 2015

Discover Permian

In 2013, one of the youngest and most modern museums in Russia, the Museum of Permian Antiquities, came to us looking for help in developing a museum and tourist app for smartphones and tablets that would present the Permian geological period — the main component of the exposition — in all of its glory.

Today the app is available for free download on the AppStore and GooglePlay in Russian and English.


The Museum of Permian Antiquities was founded in 2011 as a natural history branch of the Perm Regional Museum, and it shows how life on Earth developed over 650 million years. Despite the museum's relatively young age, it has already been internationally recognized as one of the best museums in Europe for its educational projects and programs. The museum hosts creative two-way learning sessions, Russia's only Children's Paleontology Conference and the Scientists for Children public lectures.


Head of the Natural History Department of the Perm Regional Museum,
Curator of the Museum of Permian Antiquities

At some point we realized that the museum had grown beyond its limited space: it was time to look for new ideas, solutions and approaches that could take it outside the confines of its walls. A museum is not just the sum of its expositions: it is also the world around us and everything that will sooner or later become a museum item. Our initiative was supported by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation as part of the Changing Museums in a Changing World 2013 contest, and we obtained grant funding. That's how we began the project that made it possible for any individual, no matter where they are, to discover their own Permian Period.


Maugry, Ltd

By the time we first met with the Museum of Permian Antiquities, we had already completed several serious projects involving software development for museums. In 2013, we designed Maugry — an application that delivers multimedia content on museum items using QR codes. With a ready-made transformable platform, programmers were able to start working on the interface right away to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Multimedia Solutions Lab, Ltd

In the Discover the Permian! app we put on display the unique identity of the Museum of Permian Antiquities.

Tour routes with historical references, photos, panoramas and games immerse app users in the world of the Permian Period.

Through the use of games, we talk about the inhabitants of the Perm Sea, turn the story of Perm salt production into a fascinating adventure, and give every individual the opportunity to try their hand at archeological excavations.

Users can also scan QR codes for quick access to information about items in the largest museums of Perm Krai. With GPS navigation, users receive pop-up notifications that 300 million years ago creatures of the Permian used to live nearby.

We created a cutting-edge, high-end and totally unique product that was unrivaled in Russia at that time. Later, many culture-oriented organizations started making their own apps, drawing from our experience.


Head of the Natural History Department of the Perm Regional Museum,
Curator of the Museum of Permian Antiquities

Today we are proud to announce that in 2015 the Discover the Permian! mobile app was the first to win the Perm Krai Ambassador Award in the Best Multimedia Project category.

Do you like the app? Do you want to create a similar one?